Whatever the focus is, compliance, risk mitigation, cyberattack response, personal data protection, the understanding of an organization’s risk exposure is a critical step to set up a robust and actionable security plan. By applying risk governance practices, organizations will ensure that risks are understood, managed, and communicated.

Based on standards, industry best practices, and experience, we can help you establish an actionable security plan and define key indicator metrics to make sure you’re on track.

Our risk management model is based on a 360° vision of your organization and on a crucial balance between asset value, attack vectors evaluation and tactical as well as strategic actions to remediate. The approach is appropriate for an identified perimeter such as a department or the whole organization and is repeatable over time.

Risk management is not an issue but an opportunity to implement risk governance practices and enforce organization’ immunity by improving readiness and time to react in case an unknown and inevitable security breach appears.

imrim compliance assessment and analysis services will allow your organization to discover gaps in policies and procedures. From where you are to where you want to go, our consultants will assist you to focus on correcting compliance issues by building a road map to enhance your compliancy status with standards, privacy and regulations.

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  • Risk Assessment
  • Compliance audit and gap analysis
  • Data privacy design
  • Cyber-risk analysis
  • Incident response planning
  • Security policy definition
  • Data classification
  • BCP auditing
  • iSMS guidance ISO 2700x