Regulation and compliance requirements as well as threats and cyber-attacks are increasing in both frequency and impacts. This new dynamic ecosystem conducts the IT organization to drive multiple challenges with one hand: maintain defense, monitor information system health, execute the daily operations, detect anomalies, react consistently when breaches appear and report on compliancy.

imrim transforms security technology for the business needs through comprehensive solutions and services that provide continuous visibility to protect the information system.

We help organizations in their risk management initiative by consolidating the security data into real time visibility, early detection and intelligent remediation flows.

Whether our customers are challenged by looking for more security efficiency, compliance reporting, hunting new threats, imrim’s expert understand the context and will design the appropriate dashboards including consistent and actionable indicators.

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  • Data leakage solution
  • Deception grid solution
  • Identity access governance and intelligence
  • Data analytics platform
  • Vulnerability and compliance solution
  • Intelligent security dashboard
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